Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mezze Part 2 (February DC Challenge)

I don't usally make Middle Eastern dishes at home, not because i don't like them, or ingredients are too hard to find, it's because I'm lucky enough to be in a city with lots of good Middle Eastern restaurants and produce market. There is this hole in the wall Lebanese restaurant that we love, for $15 you get an array of kebabs( chicken, lamb, beef), salad and rice good for 6 people, and they are really can't bit that! Sorry, no name of the restaurant because we want it like that, secret! ha!ha!ha!

Anyways, because of the DC Challenge, i had to make homemade mezze. They were fun to make that i didn't realize i made lots of mezze. Okay, my first Official mezze spread could be found HERE . Pls. check it out.

Pls. click HERE for more Manakeesh Ideas

Pls. click for the recipe  MUHAMMARA DIP(HOT PEPPER DIP) my favorite!!

Pls. click for the recipe CUCUMBER SALAD WITH VINEGAR

Pls. click for the recipe  CACIK-YOGURT CUCUMBER SALAD

Pls. click for the recipe Calf Liver with Garlic and Cilantro

Pls. click recipe ROASTED CHICKPEAS 2  WAYS

With Cayenne and Salt   

With Zatar and Sumac

Pls. click for the recipe PRESERVED LEMONS


  1. Thank you so much for participating this month! Your food looks so delicious and I just love your creativity. I'm really happy that I discovered your blog as you make lots of amazing recipes!

  2. My, my you have been so busy! There are great gems, I will have to have your blog constantly on in my kitchen, I want to try every thing. Thank you.
    Hope you are all well. Take care. xxx

  3. Hi, Michele. Thanks for visiting this blog. Oh, i'm not done visiting other DC blogs. So far my mezze to do list is getting longer coz i see unique/delish mezze recipes that i have to bookmark and do them someday.

  4. Hello, Raymonde! How are you? As you know i am in this group called Daring Cooks Challenge we post our challenge every month. This months challenge is by far my fave. I enjoyed all the dishes i made.

  5. Hahaha! My to do list is also growing! ;)

    I'm not so sure how I feel about the calf liver, but the rest of the spread looks tasty goodness. :) I have falafel-envy. Maybe I'll try adding some bulgur to mine next time.

    My favorite thing, though, has to be those brightly colored pickled turnips! They really stand out! :D

  6. Wow, another really nice mezze platter!

  7. LOL! Cuppy, the liver is an acquired taste. I'm lucky my family is okay w/ offals. The addition of bulghur to the falafel was to make it dry coz the recipe was too wet, i had too much flour already added yet it was still wet so i thought the bulghur did help plus the bonus of texture and added flavor.
    The pickled turnips were good..i had it w/ fried chicken surprisingly good as a side dish.

  8. Thanks, ap269! I believe all DC did a wonderful job for this month's challenge.

  9. great idea to make mini pitas! they definitely get extra props being so cute as they are :) I also love the other side dishes you made, and great presentation on the perserved lemons!

  10. As I kept reading all of your dishes, I was thinking to myself "Pia is going to need a bigger table". Your food always looks delicious. Oh and thanks for your preserved lemon recipe, they came out perfect.

  11. Wow, Pia this looks awesome. I love your dishes you produce. i am lost when it comes to this kind of cooking. I tried a few of your dishes and they were excellent. The General TSO chicken was GREAT! I don't have access to alot of the ingredients i wished i did i love trying different recipes like this. The chick peas look great. The whole menu looks awesome!
    ~The Southern Cookbook ~Cheryl

  12. Hi, anjelikuh! Thank you=;) I figured since Mezze is almost a little of everything i thought of making mini manakeesh w/c was just perfect.

    Can't wait for the next challenge see you soon!

  13. LOL! Very funny, Robert. Yes it was quite a challenge arranging all those little plates=;) I opted to put them on my coffee table for 2 reasons first and foremost..i needed ample natural lights, w/c i don't have any near my dining table. I wanted a panoramic shot.. well, i thought i'd attempt to make one w/c i failed=;(
    I'm glad you liked the preserved lemon recipe. Thanks, for everything Robert.

  14. Hello, Cheryl!!!! How are you? Thanks for dropping by=;) I'm so happy that you liked the Gen. Tso's dish. I'm sure pretty soon some of these Middle Eastern ingredients will be at your grocery stores. Take Care!

  15. Now that is feast! Everything looks absolutely delicious-so many great flavors! My boyfriend and I went to a Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant for Valentine's Day and just couldn't get enough :)