Saturday, November 10, 2012


This is my take on Chef' Izard's Magic Beans. Green bean is not my favorite vegetable but i will eat if i have to. When my daughter and I had dinner at Girl and The Goat , this dish was highly recommended so of course we gave it a try and fell in love with it. I have been making this ever since. A great and a new way to prepare your green beans especially this holiday celebration, a perfect substitute to the "same old same old" green bean casserole. The combination of the dressing and the aioli drizzled on top of the crisp beans and the nutty flavor is just genius. Thanks, Chef Izard, i now have a new appreciation for green beans :)

Green Beans with a special Aioli

 I opted for almonds because i love the flavor.

Wash the beans. Snap or cut the ends.

This is how my mom clean the beans. Snap both ends making sure to take the "string"

Or cut the ends using a sharp knife

Recipe by Chef Stephanie Izard

 The Ingredients:
green beans
4 fl oz. oil
green bean dressing*
cashews (or another nut if you prefer a different one)

green bean dressing/vinaigrette*
yields 2 cups

4 oz. lemon juice
5 oz. fish sauce
2 ½ oz. soy
1 tablespoon dijon
3/4 teaspoon sriracha
1/3 oz cloves garlic
combine lemon juice, fish sauce, soy, dijon and sriracha. transfer to blender, add garlic and emulsify with oil.

yield: 1 cup

1/3 cup green bean dressing (from above)
1 cup mayonnaise
whisk together

1. heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan.
2. add green beans and some sliced shallots for flavor.
3. add enough vinaigrette to coat the green beans. let steam.
4. add a handful or two of cashews for flavor. season with salt.
5. transfer to serving dish & drizzle with aioli.
6. serve hot.

I highly suggest that you visit Chef Stephanie Izard 's Girl and the Goat when in Chicago.