Saturday, February 16, 2013


Love, love this project!!!!! A perfect gift for little girls. A wonderful project to use the spools of ribbons i have had through the years.

I got the inspiration from Kathleen of . Check out her blog for detailed tutorials. Thanks for the tutorial Kathleen!

Really enjoyed making these cute ribbon/headbands. I got excited and so inspired, i made the project right away and finished 20 headbands in a week's time. I made two per character. One for my great-niece and the "twin" for my sister-in-law's daughters who happened to love Disney princesses.

Once i learned the basic structure, i made my own interpretation and used the ribbons i have available.

What you'll need:

Spools of ribbon - basic colors/Disney colors
Glue gun/glue sticks
Fabric glue
Anti-fray glue - I have been using clear nail polish and it works perfectly
Needle and thread - you'll need it especially for Belle and Aurora's "skirt"
Sequins beads - optional
Chopstick - you need it to curl ribbons*

* I experimented on other ways to curl a ribbon aside from using the oven. First, i tried hair gel, it worked but i didn't get the curly effect i wanted. Then i tried spraying the ribbons with water then place it around the stick, clip both ends and gingerly iron it and it worked!!!


Thank you to my beautiful great-niece. She is so adorable!!!
And to my sister for patiently taking these beautiful pictures. Good job, Nang!!!!
Snow White


 Tinker Bell ( fairy)


Belle (I didn't have brown for her hair)



Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)