Friday, December 7, 2012


How adorable are these!!!! I'm sure my girls (co-workers) will love these. I got the idea from pinterest of course. Thanks  to Ellyn's Place for the cute idea.

Ellyn's Place used glue gun and Christmas wrapped candies. I opted to use clear tapes which i think is as sturdy as the glue. And bought a variety of goodies which i know my co-workers will eat or chew ;)

Tape and attach a Kit Kat bar or a box of gum to two candy canes as the base. 

 Start stacking your candies. I taped each candies making sure they are sturdy. Then top with mini ribbons or embellish with more ribbons if you want.

I made 12 in an hour.... made these while watching "The X factor".... hahaha!!!

A word of'll definitely be on sugar high as you are making these. I probably ate a pack of snickers ;) So.... discipline is a must. Don't say i didn't warn you!!! ;p