Monday, November 26, 2007

Chicken Stuffing Balls "Food Make Over"

I love to morph my foods... or sometimes i call it " food make over" hhmm what to do! I do this make over thing, to save the leftover, i hate to waste my food. Nope you might be thinking hhmmm probably my food isn't that good coz i have left overs.'s my way of saving time too!!! At least through the week especially when i'm busy, it saves me time. I already have my mise en place in advance and i'm half way done with the recipe. Sometimes, i make way too much, I know it gets boring to eat the same food the following day or so. And, i love the challenge to make a new recipe out of an existing food. Well with my mave over, my family will not even realize that they are eating the same food until i tell them=:)
Now...wondering what to do with the left over side stuffings from Thanksgiving day? Well, i had left over stuffings and jellied's what i did. I'm sure somebody must have done this already but this is how i did mine...didn't want to waste the cranberry jelly and the chicken stuffings.
Leftover chicken stuffings
Leftover cranberry jelly
Oil for deep frying
*egg beaten with milk or water

****I suggest that you estimate as to how much flour, eggs and breadcrumbs you will need. It'll all depends on how much balls you have made.
*Use an ice cream scooper to scoop out the stuffings and to make equal ball size. Make a deep indention to stick in a cubed jelly cranberry. Repeat the process until all the stuffing has been used. Set aside.
* Prepare the breading procedure. You know... one pan with the flour, another pan with egg wash (beat egg with little of water or milk), and lastly a pan with breadcrumbs. And pls. season them with Salt and Pepper to taste.
* Dredge the ball stuffings into the first pan with flour, then roll the floured balls into the egg wash and then dredge into the breadcrumbs pan. Repeat process untill all the balls has been dredged.
* Heat a pan with canola oil. Deep fry the balls.
* Serve hot with gravy if you have extra. This is good without gravy too!