My main reason for this blog was to share my  recipes and my mama's recipes with my relatives but it has evolved since, i have now shared some of my "foodventures" and soon my arts and crafts.

Majority of my recipes are Filipino cuisines Bisaya/Cebuano recipes to be specific, which are mostly from my mama. I'm lucky to have some of my mama's handwritten recipes.

Foodventures... my family loves to travel. Aside from the wonderful sights, we make sure we venture on food and restaurants. And it's my "job" to document every restaurant adventure hence the word Foodventure.

My motto... Don't say no to a food/dish you haven't tried yet. How will you know if that food is good or not.  Try it first then say no if you don't like it, at least you can say you've tasted it!!

I may not have the skills to draw, sketch or paint but i do have the "artsy" blood running through my veins hahaha!!!! My mom has been my inspiration. Give her something and she'll transform that stuff into something gorgeous and nope..it's not an exaggeration!

*My name is Pia and I am a taga-luto, a Filipino word for a cook/chef.

 *I used to be a "drug dealer" ;) i push/deal Naprosyn, Anaprox, Toradol, Synalar blah, blah ...oh ...okay.... pharmaceutical representative.... hahaha!!!!

*I thought after 6 years of college, B.S.Business Adminstration and an Assosicates degree on Medical Office Administration, i would be done with school and all...Not!. Studied Culinary arts but didn't finish due to personal reasons, nope nothing to do with age! There is no such thing as "old" in the culinary world!

* Cooking has been a passion so from drug dealing i ventured to food dealing..hahaha! Went into catering business, my clients? can you guess?...yes, people from the medical field of course.

* I love the instant gratification i get from people who get to taste my "food creations".

* I now cook for 120 wonderful senior citizens at a retirement living facility.

* I am also a novice food photographer; self taught that is!

* I used a Canon PowershotA510...i know it's old but i love my camera. Sadly i have to retire my A510 and was forced to buy a new one. Because i love Canon i bought another one ELPH 100HS. That's all i can afford.

* I don't use any photo editing software...i wish i have one ;)

* I use my own photos but should i use photos that are not mine i will definitely give credit where credit is due. Same with the recipes, i make sure i give credit or link.

* If you want to use my photos or my recipes...sure you can, but i would like to be linked and give credit where credit is due.....please and thank you!!!  ;)

Please check my blogs, and leave some comments...I love them!

Enjoy and Salamat(thank you)!!!!!