Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Traditionally, left over lechon will be "morphed" into lechon paksiw. Lechon (Whole roasted pig) , Paksiw (A vinegar, soy sauce based stew) or fry them. I had the hankering for Sisig so i decided to use the left over lechon. Please check here for my sizzling sisig blog.

This is definitely not the typical sisig. The good part of this version is skipping the laborious step of the original sisig recipe. ;) I used the belly part of the lechon, marinated them with a little of soy sauce and vinegar. While the meat was marinating, i did my mise en place..... i chopped a large size sweet onions, chopped Thai bird chili, minced garlic, crumbled few pieces of chicharon, sliced scallions and lemon for garnish.

My version served on a sizzling plate topped with an egg.

 Chinese Lechon ( yes, they season and roast their pig differently) but i still love them. I used the belly part of this lechon ;) They don't stuff the pig with aromatics/herbs but rub them instead with spices.

Saute' the onions and garlic until translucent, add and stir the chopped meat. Add the seasonings sparingly, taste then adjust. Remember the meat is already well seasoned. Then add one raw egg and stir until well incorporated. The egg will give the creamy texture to the dish

I prefer my sisig served on a sizzling plate. Garnish with crumbled chicharon , sliced scallions, lemon slices and some Thai bird chili. Top with another egg before serving. Served with ice cold Red Horse this time ;)

I like it. The creaminess of the egg and the crunch of the chicharon definitely added another layer of flavor goodness. You get the hint of adobo flavor because of the vinegar, soy sauce marinade. There is also a hint of Chinese five spice which is an ingredient of a Chinese Roasted Pig. I will probably skip the soy sauce, vinegar marinade the next time i make Lechon Sisig just to have a comparison. This however is a great way to morph your left over lechon rather than cooking the same old same old way....Lechon Paksiw.