Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've fried chicken skin which is called chicken chicharon. I've turned them into an Edible Bowl. This wrapping concept was from my friend Robert . He did fish wrapped in chicken skin, it's been a while that i couldn't remember if he fried them or baked. 

Well, i did my version. I wrapped tilapia fillet and frog legs with chicken skin and fried them. Served along with my Fiery Tomato Salsa . It not only added a crunch but it kept the frog legs and fish moist and the best part of it all, the skin added another layer of flavor which is so good. 

My daughter loves the frog legs and what a wonderful way to serve tilapia or any kind of fish fillet for that matter.

So, there! another way to make use of those chicken skin, oh in moderation... okay. You don't make this dish every single day so you'll be fine.;)

I don't have any specific measurements or specific ingredients, "recipe" for this dish. This is more of a concept and method.  It's pretty much a straight forward dish and so forgiving that you can do it your way. Add spices of your choice then fry.

The only imperative step you should do is to secure the skin with toothpicks to make sure they stay on to the meat as they are frying. Remove the toothpick right before serving. Enjoy!!!!


  1. amazingly creative, Pia! Love love love your presentation of this dish. not surprising that you made it on foodgawker so many times. btw, how easy is to find frog legs in US? I had them in the Italian countryside as a child but never saw them around again... would love to give your exotic creation a try one day (maybe I can go and get alive frogs? naaaaa...). xox

  2. Hi,Barbara! Thanks for visiting and for you kind comment. I truly appreciate it.
    Hey, you take beautiful photos and you have foodgawker to prove it as well.:)

    I can't take the whole credit tho' thanks to Robert Blessing for the idea. But it really does do add "umph" to an already delicious dish...well, anything fried is delicious to me ;)

    Back then you'd only buy frog legs at Asian stores her in MI but due to supply and demand (all because of Celebrity Chefs) you can now buy them at some grocery stores like Vince and Joe and Nino Salvaggio. I'm pretty sure Meijer and Kroger will follow suit.

    LOL! i challenge you to catch them live hahaha! I remember my classmate and i tried to catch one for our biology class, and it wasn't easy!

  3. I wish I had come up with that dish on my own. I was inspired by some celebrity chef. I think it may have been Grant Achatz but just not certain. In my version I wrap halibut with chicken skin using saran wrap to keep it tight. Then poached for about 30 seconds before chilling completely. This basically set the skin tight around the fish. Then I unwrapped and pan fried to crispy on all sides. It was delicious but kind of a pain in the butt.

    Now fried frog legs are a favorite of mine from way back. If I hadn't already fixed my mouth on a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich then I would be headed to Sagaya for frogs legs. Great work.

  4. Did you blog this? Thanks, now i know better;) I also made fish wrapped w/ thinly sliced potatoes then fried. Did the same process (toothpick way) that was a pain in the butt ;) i had to gingerly turn it and baby sit the entire time. End product was good but i knew i did something wrong.

    I will be doing both the skin and potato wrap using your method.