Friday, February 3, 2012


500 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
312-464-1-PIG (744)

* Mediterranean inspired dishes.
       -We like the food. I highly recommend the Pig's Ears with Crispy Kale and the Razor Clams with Oregano, Lemon and Olive Oil. For the dessert i liked the Bread Pudding with Marsala and citrus with caramel sauce. Yum!
* Small Plates - Tapas style so you can share...good for two per plate.

* Communal Tables - I didn't like the set up. Place is too small, i hope they will soon expand their floor area.

* Service - It took us more than an hour before we got seated. Wait staff were not friendly at all, it seems like they were just doing their job sans compassion.

*I will definitely be coming back when i'm in Chicago but this time i will make sure to come earlier.  And hope the wait staff will be friendly and accommodating next time.

Potato and Speck Croquette with Calabrian Chili Aioli
These were good.

Prosciutto Bread Balls
It was okay but will not order these again. I will try something else

Lingua Agrodolce
Wow...oh by the way Lingua means tongue Agrodolce is a type of sauce, agro (sour/acidic) often balsamic mixed with dolce (sweet) sugar.

Testa, in Italian means head...self explanatory right? ;)
It was surprisingly delicious...not fatty at all.

Milk Braised Pork Shoulder with Mashed Potatoes
Melts in your mouth goodness.

Pig's Tails Braised in Balsamic
I like this too.

Razor Clams with Oregano, Lemon and Olive Oil
One of our favorite dish. I will definitely order this again.

Scallop Spiedini with Chickpea Aioli
Yum!!!! but didn't get the idea of the bay leaf skewered in between the scallops.

Pig's ear with Crispy Kale, Pickled Cherry Peppers and Fried Egg
My no. 1 favorite I liked this so much i had to make this at home well my own version tho' ;)
Crispy Pig's Ears with Crispy Kale and Hot Peppers

I love their water vessel

(Espresso over Toasted Cinnamon Soft Serve)

Bread Pudding with Marsala and Citrus
(Caramel Sauce and Whipped Cream)
My favorite among the desserts we ordered.

Panino con Nutella
(A Sweet Sandwich Filled with a Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Marshmallow Cream & Bananas)
This was my least... this is so easy to make at home.

Sicilian Iris
(Ricotta and Chocolate Chip Filled Fried Brioche)


  1. Love that little piggy saucer for the crispy ear dish!

    Gonna try Swiss method macaron, tonight?

  2. Love the food! You’re amazing. This menu is fantastic, It sure will help everyone who’s looking for a perfect menu like this. Thank you for sharing this recipe.


  3. What a thorough critic! Hi hope you are well. Just stopping by to say we went to eat at The Square, London, where my son works and we were treated as VIP and the food was beyond delicious. I know you would appreciate what I mean. Hope you are well as well as your daughter. Take care. xxx

  4. Hi, Emily. I've been looking for that piggy bowl but to no avail...i'm going to ask the restaurant where they got those hopefully they'll share their source;)
    I hope the Swiss method macaron will come out great...i have yet to try them myself. Do share how it came out.