Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is another kimchi dish that we like. Healthy, easy, simple and really good. First you have to make your kimchi base and the possibilities for more dishes w/ kimchi are endless. Check out my recipe for  KIMCHI  and another kimchi based dish KIMCHI STEW  .

Kimchi (Store bought or homemade w/c i prefer)
Tofu (Firm- i prefer the Chinese tofu)

1. Bring kimchi to a boil.
2. Pat  dry the tofu cubes then pan fry.
3. Pour the hot kimchi to the tofu.
4. Serve with steamed white rice.


  1. I love kimchi and I love tofu! Will definitely try this combination!

  2. Hi, Chef_D. Kimchi is one of our fave, i never run out of kimchi. I make them all the time. I remember a Korean rest. at the SM food court, we love love their Korean Shortribs Stew w/c i can never replicate the taste. I can't remember the name, wonder if it's still there.

  3. can i ask what is the taglog name for kimchi, i really want to cook kimchi fried rice for me! im curious for the taste. ty

  4. Hi, i don't think there is a tagalog name for kimchi. It's a Korean dish and i know Korean dishes are pretty much popular in the Philipines, so i'm sure you can buy kimchi at the grocery stores or beeter yet you can make them, it's easy. My family loves kimchi fried rice. Thanks for visiting.