Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So, basically this can also be called a kitchen sink dish since i have all the ingredients ready and available, just waiting to be used. But, kitchen sink doesn't sound appetizing hence the name Filipino Lechon Kimchi Taco.

Filipino Lechon - I have the whole roasted pigs' head in the freezer from our Thanksgiving celebration. Pig Roast

Kimchi - Homemade yes ..... i do make my own.
Ramp pesto - i made them last month and froze some for future use. Recipe to follow
Onions - i had red onions, but you can use any kind of onion.
Cilantro - happened to make guac last week so i had some cilantro left
Sriracha Aioli - just mixed sriracha sauce and mayo
Corn Tortilla - i had some left over when i made the guacamole. Yes, i fry my own corn chips, given the time. Fry your own
 "An amalgamation of delicious flavor" Will definitely make this again. I'm thinking of roasted chicken, i know it'll taste as good.

slather a spoon or two of pesto

Then add kimchi, depends on how much you want

Add chopped lechon w/c was broiled quickly just to crisp up the skins

Garnish with thinly sliced onions, red radish cilantro and sriracha aioli

Not for the faint of heart...... made some sisig out of this as well. Will blog my sisig taco next ;)



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