Saturday, August 1, 2009


So, i guess there was a time that i really tried to bake...another cake that i've blogged March 18,2008 at my myspace blog.

Again this is semi-homemade.

1. Follow instructions from the White Cake Mix box. But in lieu of the water i used evaporated milk.

2. Mixed 1/2 cup of each condensed milk and regular milk. Set it aside.

3. Cool the cupcakes and poke the cakes. I used icepick. Then pour the mixed milk into the poked cupcakes.

4. The toppings is a store bought Vanilla Frostings. i just added little milk to soften it and to make it easy to pour on top of each cup cake.

Wow! I thought tres leches was complicated to make. It was easy and delish. Well, at least my version.


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