Saturday, February 16, 2013


Love, love this project!!!!! A perfect gift for little girls. A wonderful project to use the spools of ribbons i have had through the years.

I got the inspiration from Kathleen of . Check out her blog for detailed tutorials. Thanks for the tutorial Kathleen!

Really enjoyed making these cute ribbon/headbands. I got excited and so inspired, i made the project right away and finished 20 headbands in a week's time. I made two per character. One for my great-niece and the "twin" for my sister-in-law's daughters who happened to love Disney princesses.

Once i learned the basic structure, i made my own interpretation and used the ribbons i have available.

What you'll need:

Spools of ribbon - basic colors/Disney colors
Glue gun/glue sticks
Fabric glue
Anti-fray glue - I have been using clear nail polish and it works perfectly
Needle and thread - you'll need it especially for Belle and Aurora's "skirt"
Sequins beads - optional
Chopstick - you need it to curl ribbons*

* I experimented on other ways to curl a ribbon aside from using the oven. First, i tried hair gel, it worked but i didn't get the curly effect i wanted. Then i tried spraying the ribbons with water then place it around the stick, clip both ends and gingerly iron it and it worked!!!


Thank you to my beautiful great-niece. She is so adorable!!!
And to my sister for patiently taking these beautiful pictures. Good job, Nang!!!!
Snow White


 Tinker Bell ( fairy)


Belle (I didn't have brown for her hair)



Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)







  1. These are so cute. The person who made them is very patient and creative.

    I also learned what a jicama is!

    Thank you for popping by and your good wishes.

    Hope you are all well and that daughter is still also cooking delicious dishes.
    Take care. x

    1. Hi, Raymonde. That person would be me ;) Really enjoyed making this in spite of the intricacies.

      So, what do you think of the jicama...did you like it? I love it as is or with my salad.

      Yes, my daughter is doing good in Chicago, slowly climbing up the ladder. How about your son? Is he still in the food industry as well?

      Looking forward to the wedding pics of your daughter.

      Thanks for the visit, Raymonde.