Saturday, June 23, 2012


Got the idea from  How About Orange. These pretty little bookmarks were my 2011 Christmas gift stuffer. I used materials that i already have. Instead of fabrics, i used ribbons for the bow and i used those generic jumbo paper clips that were just waiting to be used.

 These are the things you will need. Not in the picture...glue gun.

4 1/2 inches of the wide ribbon and 2 inches for the thin ribbon .
Make a bow. Gather the middle part and sew it to secure the ends of the ribbon.
Wrap the bow and attach it to the paper clip. Sew to secure making sure it is tight enough.
Follow w/ a glue gun to make sure it is secured and attached tightly to the paper clip.

A few of what i made ;)

Aren't they cute?


  1. can you send some? (joking!) really unable to sew... recently Ada found my old sewing box (that I have not been using since before she was born) and we inspected it as if it was the most extraordinary thing on earth :)
    totally love your photography here. so cool the idea of the beautiful cooking books as a background!

  2. Barbara...i surely can send some your way...i have a lot. That's so cool, i can see a budding Martha Stewart in Ada:). Isn't that amazing that she shows interest at an early age?
    Thank you for your compliment, an honor coming from somebody who takes good pictures. I frequently open my cookbook and this bookmarks are put to use big time ;)

  3. Those are so cute and so practical. Hope you are well. Your cooking is as per usual impeccable and tempting. :)
    Take care. x

  4. Hi, Raymonde! How are you and your family. As you see, i've started blogging some of my crafts. I will still blog my cooking but i'm just excited w/ my crafts. I'm actually debating to make another blog just for the arts and crafts. Will see..;)