Saturday, February 19, 2011

KCC Challenge- Feb=Valentines=Aphrodisiac Filipino Food:Champorado (Chocolate Rice Porridge)

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The theme i chose for this month is February=Valentines=Aphrodisiac Filipino Foods. I thought that this would  be an opportunity for us to prepare a scrumptious valentine Filipino dish for our love ones.

I know balut would be the first food that come into ones mind but really there are a lot of Filipino foods that could be considered aphrodisiac foods. Check Aphrodisiac Food List for some idea on what to prepare on Valentines day or any day that you feel romantic. Oysters would be a good one but  a dozen of them wouldn't suffice, they are so expensive here.

So i thought of one of my favorite breakfast dish that calls for the most popular yet affordable aphrodisiac ingredient..CHOCOLATE!!!  My family love, love champorado.  So perfect for valentines day or any day actually. We could eat it for breakfast, mirienda, lunch, mirienda again and dinner, i kid you not. I am happy with a drizzle of condensed milk but with the addition of cheese, oh my goodness, I'm in heaven!!! See, what i mean?!! lol!!

You can be creative with your champorado presentation. You can form a heart as you drizzle your condensed milk, cut your cheese into heart shapes or the rustic way, tear the cheese.

This is a very simple, easy recipe yet so amazingly delicious!

Ingredients: Serves 4
1 C glutinous rice
3 C water
3 disc/tablet of chocolate (Tablea/Tabliya) or 1/2 C of cocoa powder
1/2 C brown sugar
Condensed milk
Slices of cheddar cheese and cheese you like.

Cook rice in a medium-sized pot with 3 C water. Stir constantly. When rice is ready (rice should be transparent and fluffy), add more water if needed. Then add cocoa and sugar. Serve in bowls with drizzle of sweet condensed milk and cheese on top.


*You can use regular rice if you can't find glutinous rice.

*Add more water if you want a thinner porridge consistency.

*I want my champorado on the darker color so i add more cocoa powder if needed.

*You can use white sugar if you don't have the brown sugar. But i prefer the brown sugar because it gives a molasses flavor w/c i like.

* Southern Luzon serves this w/ dried fish too. It's good but since this is a valentines breakfast w/c is meant to be an aphrodisiac, i believe serving it w/ dried fish is just not right=;)

100% Cocoa (Filipino Chocolate disc called Tablea/Tabliya).

The main ingredients: Chocolate disc, Brown Sugar, Glutinous Rice

The Valentine presentation=;)

The rustic presentation

The simple presentation=;). Ha!ha! i poured the condensed milk!


  1. I've never had this before ... very nice!

  2. I love the champorado with condensed milk.....yum, I will do this next time I cook some champorado, I only use fresh milk...duh! Silly me...mas masarap and condensed=) I should cook champorado from scratch soon...kakahiya coz I always reach for the packet=)

  3. Wow! I love Champorado! I used to chew on those chocolate tablets when I was a kid. A bit bitter but I still like them. :)

  4. I didn't think of chocolates... how can I miss that? I like your different presentations... but no matter how it was presented champorado will be devoured in my household right away haha

  5. I love your Valentine presentation!

  6. Very creative in presenting your Champorado. I love champorado and I used to put more condensed milk because I love them sweet. Thanks for posting! :)

  7. I love champorado, it's my favorite childhood breakfast..nice presentation, Pia! Belated Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for hosting this month's theme! :)

  8. I love the photo of the champorado with hearts.. I♥champorado too!

  9. I really want to cook champorado soon to let my kids try it. good post!

  10. Champorado is one of my comfort foods! I love the heart shaped butter...haven't tried champorado with cheese yet but after drooling over your pictures I definitely will!