Thursday, January 6, 2011


Now that i got the hang of it, yes, i'm talking about French macarons, the flavors are endless. I'm not intimidated to make these macarons anymore!!. Ofcourse, mine aren't perfect, but practice, practice...i'll eventually make the most beautiful macarons i'd ever make! lol!

I made vanilla bean macarons this time. I guess i spoke to soon coz the batter for this macaron was a bit thick but inspite of that they still came out good. The shape is not that perfect but i like it!!!! annnddd it still got their feet! ha!ha!ha! isn't that what matters most?

I used the madagascar vanilla bean pods. They are expensive but reallyyyy worth it. After i take out the vanilla beans "seeds" i save the pods and put them in my jar of sugar. Those pods will impart vanilla smell and taste to your sugar.

For more macaron flavors, "secrets on how to make successful macarons" and the recipe for both the macaron shell and the ganache filling...pls check my other blogs...MY FRENCH MACARONS GOT FEET and MACARONS .


  1. Hello
    Thank you for the info about vanilla recipes.

  2. Hi, Pia! Just got your message to KCC! Thank you for hosting this month. So good to stumble upon your blog to find out you are a macaron baker, too! Yes, to the sisterhood!

  3. Hi Agus Ramada're welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.

  4. Hello,Annapet! Yay!!!to the macaron sisterhood. See you at the KCC oh and welcome=;)