Thursday, January 20, 2011


OMG!!!! Thanks to another great cyber friend for this idea. Tasha a.k.a Kalimah=;) posted a picture of a "tantalizing" hotdog sandwich, not an ordinary dog. It was that inviting and tantalizing that i promised myself to make them on my day off.

Well, today is my day off and as promised i made Tasha's Kimchi Dawg! lol!!! it was what i imagined it to be. One of THE best hotdog i've ever had...okay next to the Chicago dog w/c i also love.

If you haven't had kimchi, this probably will be a good way for you try and appreciate it. We love kimchi that i make them all the time. Pls. check for my homemade kimchi  HERE

The combination of the hotdog and the kimchi is just perfect and if you prepare your hotdog w/ panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)..OMG!!! heaven!!!

What you will need:

Kimchi- homemade or store bought (Available at the Asian produce/refrigerated aisle)
Hot dogs - we love the Ball Park Angus Franks
Hot dog buns
pickle relish - optional
Cilantro - optional
Roma tomatoes - thinly sliced.

Assemble your own hotdog sandwich and enjoy!
Angus Franks is our favorite + Kimchi = Perfection

                                   Panko ( Japanese breadcrumbs) crusted hotdogs. You don't have to coat them w/ the breadcrumbs if you can't buy panko. But it adds texture to the sandwich.

Presenting to you one of THE BEST HOTDOG i've ever had=;)


  1. Wow Pia, this looks good. I love kimchi! I need to make this ASAP!

  2. Never had kimchi, but if it anything like saurkraut, i'll be there! love the addition of breadcrumbs for texture. The is great!

  3. This is a really good idea=) kimchi with your hotdogs...I have to try this!

  4. What a great take on plain old hot dogs! I will definitely have to give this a try. 8-)

  5. What an interesting twist! How did you do the hot dogs with the panko--did you fry them after coating them?

  6. Hi, Dahlia! I remember the Kimchi stew at the foodcourt in SM i forgot the name of the restaurant tho'. I've been wanting to make them but can't find a good recipe. This one dog is the Dawg! he!he!he! a must try=;)

  7. I discovered the joy of Kimchi a while back, my husband often goes to Korea and I also visited in August.

    I will have to try you hotdogs. They sound delicious.

    Take care. xxx

  8. Hi, Kim..yes, i'd say it's just like saurkraut w/ a kick=;) give this a try.

  9. Hi, Cusinera and Tangled Noodles..I'm sure you'd like this.. well, that is if you like spicy food=;)

  10. V, good question. I did the breading process for the hotdog. Flour, egg wash then panko breadcrumbs...then fry away.

  11. Hello, Raymonde! We love, love i mentioned in my blog i make homemade kimchi. It's a staple in our house. Give this a try and let me know of what you think.

  12. I love how the hotdogs are done in the panko :)

  13. Just made this. I am a Kimchi fan and this was pretty good. My local ingredients where not the greatest and I was not as successful at getting the Planko to stick, but I was happy and will try again.