Monday, June 7, 2010


This is my take on one of the dishes that we ordered at a restaurant that was supposedly a wonderful restaurant according to some celebrity Chefs. Well it turns out it was a disaster, i had to rate the restaurant. Check out the chefs that recommended this restaurant and my rating at  tripadvisor-Pete and Sams Restaurant -Memphis TN  - It's "OVER RATED, TOO MUCH HYPE".

Lisa Lillien's recommendation. It was okay but not the kind of pizza that i'd really go back. Anyone can make this pizza at home and probably taste even better.

This is Pete and Sam's chicken liver wrapped in bacon. What do you think? It was too oily, liver was medium rare in the middle, bacon was chewy. It needed more cooking.

This is my version of the bacon wrapped chicken liver. Waayyy better, if i may say so!


  1. Geez Loise, my pizza looks better than that, LOL! Do they need a new chef or what?
    Not that i would EVER touch chicken livers, but i have to say yours look so much better!

  2. You got that right, Kim! I'm so surprised that Lisa Lillen recommend this place...That's food networks "The best thing I've ever eaten- Guilty Pleasures"! makes me think what kind of food has she been eating=;)

  3. I bet they paid her to say that...