Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is a continuation to the previous blog i posted (Fish and Shrimp Sinigang). Fried porkbelly was the side dish for the sinigang so i figured, i should blog the porkbelly too!

As i mentioned my sister from TN gave me a year supply of the porkbelly =;). They buy their pork meat at an abattoir near their cabin. I should blog that site as well, i'm sure all my foodie friends will be jealous ha!

This dish again is so Filipino, but this time not from the Visayas (Cebu) region. I have blogged the Cebuano style before check them at my archives under Filipino dishes or Pork..(Pritong Liempo- Cebuano Style) .

This time this is more of the Luzon(Laguna) region style of cooking.

So simple measurements aren't necessary. All you need aside from the porkbelly are the following:
Flour or combination of cornstarch and flour
Oil for frying

PorkBelly sliced thin. You can either cook them as is or cut them 1" size.

Season the pork belly w/ S&P. Set them aside
Make your batter. You can definitely make your own batter by adding your choice of herbs or spices.
Fry them.

Fried Porkbelly cooked in strips. Served w/ soy sauce and vinegar dip

Fried Porkbelly cut in 1" size



  1. I have never heard of these. Now I want some. Everything you cook looks delicious.

    When are you going to join Daring Cooks?

  2. You're one of the few that i know loves porkbelly and for sure you can come up w/ better use of this porkbelly. Yeah, this dish is classic in my Moms kitchen.
    Oh no, i don't think i would be able to come up to the standards or qualify to join the Daring Cooks. I'd love to see your entrees 'tho.