Monday, April 6, 2009


Traditionally Samosas are triangular in shape but i wanted mine to look like an empanada. I also opted to use chili flakes in lieu of the chili powder.

Samosa(An Indian appetizer, could be prepared w/ meat or plain vegetables)

Pastry Dough:

1 ½ C All Purpose Flour

¼ C oil

1/8 C water
1 t salt

¼ t red chili powder (I used chili flakes)


4 medium potatoes, peeled and mashed coarsely

½ C green Peas

½ t Garam Masala or Tandoori Masala

¼ t pepper

Salt to taste

¼ t Red chili powder

1 t cumin

3 T oil

1 finely chopped Green chili

1 t lemon juice

Oil for frying


Heat oil and stir in the green chilies. Then add the mashed potatoes and peas.

Add the garam or tandoori masala, pepper, red chili powder and cumin powder.

Mix well and let it cook for 5 to 6 minutes covered.

Add the lemon juice and mix well.

Remove and let it cool.


Mix the flour, water, oil, salt and red chili powder to make a stiff dough.

Set the dough aside and let it relax.

Making the Samosa:

Cut the pastry dough into 4 equal parts.

Roll dough into round about 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

Cut into two parts (like a semi circle).

Moisten the straight edge with water.

Take one semi circle and fold it in a shape of cone.

Stuff about a tablespoon of the potato-pea mixture into the cone and seal the edges w/ little water. Repeat process.Heat oil and deep fry the samosas.

Fry in batches until samosas turns golden brown.

Serve hot with Tamarind Chutney or just by itself.

I also use eggroll wrappers to make samosas, when i'm in a hurry.



  1. I love samosas! They are so addictive and yours look so good. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your recipe today, where I come from they are very popular, bought just cooked and eaten by the seaside whilst looking at the waves breaking and the sunset.

  3. Hi, Dragon. Thank you=;)We too love samosas. I sometimes add ground beef w/ mine do you make yours w/ meat too?

  4. Hi, Raymonde. You're so welcome. Wow, that's great you get to buy them anytime you want. Here, we get to buy them from an Indian store on a specific day only. So i had to learn how to make them in many ways so i could get the fix everytime we crave.

  5. Hi, I just discovered you blog great recipes, cant wait to try some of them. I also have a questions my DH loves these little sweets, round orange colered "cakes" served with shredded coconut and I was wondering if you can help me out with name/recipe. I found a recipe called brown sugar rice cakes which are steamed and served with shredded coconut as well; they were very tasty but not what I was looking for. Thank you.

  6. Welcome, Lu! Thank you for visiting my blog and for this comment. I'd be glad to help or answer questions if i can. Pls. let us know how the recipes you'll make came out.
    As for the dessert you mentioned, based on your description, i think you're talking about cochinta. Unfortunately i don't have a recipe for that nor made them at home but if you try surfing around i'm sure there will be a lot of recipes can use.
    Thanks and visit again!

  7. Hi! I'm planning to make some samosa and I'm gonna use this recipe. Do you have any video while making this? I'm just scared that I'd get it wrong or something. Thank you!

  8. Hi, Alexa. Sorry, i don't have a video for my recipes. I've been planning on making one but couldn't fine the time to make one.

    Don't fret about making a mistake. This is a forgiving dish. For the filling, i usually give it a taste and re-season if needed.

    For the dough, you make your own shape if you want, any shape you feel comfortable to make.

    Good luck and have fun, Pls. let us know how your samosas came out. Hope you'll like them as much as we like them.

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.