Monday, January 5, 2009

Plov (Uzbek Rice Pilaf)

This is the second Uzbek dish i made for our New Year. As i mentioned, my sister made this. I did some research and found a lot of variations, some calls for dried fruit, turmeric and a lot more. I was tempted to try the others but opted to use my sisters recipe instead, with a little adjustments.

I made some tweaking to this recipe, i adjusted the cumin and pepper flakes coz i wanted more heat and added 1 more cup of the beef stock. I used jasmine rice since it's impossible for me to find Uzbek rice. It calls for julienned carrots, but i shredded mine instead, carrot isn't so popular in my family. But i think shredding it just added more color to the pilaf and ofcourse to the flavor too!

2 C rice
1 t cumin ( i added 1 more teaspoon)
5 c beef stock/broth ( i added 1 more cup)
1 t red pepper flakes ( add more if you want more heat)
Lamb or beef meat cubed (i used 1/2 pound)
2 onions finely chopped
3 carrots julienned ( i shredded mine)
1 garlic head

Saute onions and carrots over medium heat.
Add meat and stir until brown.
Add 2 c broth and cook over med. high heat about 6-7 minutes, until meat is tender.
Add rice and heads of garlic into stew.
Add the rest of the stock, do not disturb layering of rice and stew.
Let boil uncovered until rice absorbs stocks, about 45 minutes.
When rice is soft reduce heat to low.
Cover and let rice steam for 25 minutes or more or until rice is cooked.

Saute onions, carrots and meat.

Let this cook w/o disturbing (mixing is a no! no!)

The Plov! Garnish with some of those garlic.


  1. The presentation is fantastic and I know for a fact that it is delish. I like it mild, though.

  2. i'll copy and try it. it's a one dish meal, right? and delicious. i'll love this. thanks for sharing. God bless and more.

    1. Hi, Ofelia. Yes, this is a one dish meal. Our family love this. Hope you will as well. Thank you for dropping by.