Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pritong Liempo (Adobo Cebuano Style)

This is always a winner everytime my mom cooks this for a sunday dinner. She usually serve this along with tinulang isda (Fish soup) and maiz(in lieu of rice). Maiz is ground corn, it's similar to polenta and grits, cooked like regular rice.

I cook this only if i get to buy liempo from the Asian store. For this dinner i served the adobo with curried coleslaw and of course steamed white rice.

Cut liempo into cubes

Season with S&P, cayenne and paprika. Lawrys' sesoning will do, i've tried it before.
Fry them in batches to achieve the crisp. Make sure to cover the pan w/ those splatter protector to protect yourself and avoid the mess.

Serve with steamed white rice, and any salad (i made curry coleslaw) and ofcourse vinegar w/ kalamansi or lemon juice for the dip.


  1. This one looks very yummy. With a little "kagubgob" color on it. Makes my mouth water. Do you have a recipe for beef kaldereta? I am the one who love your ensaymada recipe, my favorite. I don't like to bake any other kind of bread anymore. I came from Lapu-lapu. I now live in Colorado with my husband and three kids.

  2. Hi! Thank you for visiting my site again=;) I'm glad you liked the ensaymada recipe. And yes this "adobo" that's what we call them right? esp. the bisaya are so crispy (Sinful but heavenly). I do have beef kaldereta recipe...i thought i have it here. I'll upload them here soon. Visit again.

  3. Thank you so much in advance. I must tell you that I love grits, I just cook some yesterday. The only problem with this adobo recipe is the "hard to find that cut of meat" HA HA HA. Wala naman ang tambok sa ilang karne. Kana bang naa pa unta ang panit. Anyway, thank you again and I'll wait for the kaldereta recipe. I do love all your recipes, Cebuano kaayo. I love to visit your site often.