Sunday, June 30, 2013


Want to have a garden but you don't have a space? Not a problem....Pallet, pots, soil and plants....the solution to make your own small space garden.

I have seen blogs about vertical gardening or small space gardening, the use of pallet is the best and unique idea in my opinion. Pallets are inexpensive some bloggers suggested that you can ask them from Lowe's or Home Depot since they discard them anyways. I got mine from my husbands' work for free.

You'll need the following to make this vertical garden.

Pallets or pallet - free
Pots - i bought these plastic pots from Lowe's for .98 cents each. (about $8)
Bungee cords - bought them at the dollar store for $1/bag (5 bags, about $6)
1 bag of garden soil - i bought Miracle Gro brand ($3.88)
Plants - $2 /6 small cells ( about $4)

I spent around $25 for this project. Not bad at all ;)

My petunias

My herbs- basil, from the stalks that i saved when i made tomato basil soup, micro greens, parsley, thyme and another basil. I have yet to add more herbs.


  1. Envy Envy! A great way to use pallets if you are unsure if the wood had been 'treated' or not!

    Perhaps I can hook up the wooden rack from the single bed that I am planning to rid off! But need to secure it to the wall itself..

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Emily. I really liked this idea as well. Good luck to your project.